I understood this was going to be a tough campaign season for the Democrats. Barack Obama is experiencing historically horrible support in the polls and Democratic candidates are avoiding him in droves. Just the same, some things evoke the phrase, “Desperation on the cusp of madness.”


Such is the case in Arizona’s 9th Congressional District where the Democratic Party is promoting Libertarian candidate Powell Gammill by mailing not one, but three different campaign flyers. Each of them has a slightly different, but surprisingly accurate depiction of Gammill’s political views. One might argue that these are the very flyers that Gammill’s campaign would be mailing (outside of referring to him as “Conservative Powell Gammill”) if they had the resources.


They say politics makes strange bedfellows and so there’s your proof. Not content to promote Kyrsten Synema, the Democrats are hoping to entice enough Republicans and Conservative-leaning Independents to vote for Gammill; thereby preventing Republican Wendy Rogers, whose campaign is nearly as quiescent as Gammill’s, from marching off to Washington on Obama’s goattails. It certainly begs the question of just what Synema’s in-house polling is indicating going into the home stretch.

PGthumb3RevIn the end I suppose Libertarians should be grateful that the Democrats are allocating at least a small portion of their resources toward educating the electorate about Libertarian ideas. It must be the legendary altruistic nature of the Democrats, right? Yeah, right. Oh well, with enemies like these. . .